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Vanbert Corporation, located in Delray Beach Florida, is a premier custom cabinet
designer and manufacturer specializing in custom cabinetry solutions for residential, commercial
and hotel application throughout the US and abroad.
Founded in 2012, Vanbert Corporation has quickly become one of the leading cabinetry
design and manufacturers and boasts a combined 20 years of experience in quality custom
cabinet design and manufacturing.
For our clients, Vanbert Corporation offers a complete TurnKey experience from
concept and design to manufacturing and installation. Our skilled European craftsmanship
consistently delivers finely crafted, custom high-end cabinets for kitchens, bathroom vanities,
wall TV units, and custom closets to our customers.
Each of our custom cabinetry solutions are custom designed for each individual customer.
Using state-of-the-art 3D modeling software we take into consideration all of your electrical
needs, appliances and space requirements.
After your design is finalized, it's off to the loader and labeling machine. Here your project is
set up, plotted, and prepared for your unique custom cut. Our proprietary production process
allows us to be extremely efficient. From concept to delivery a custom cabinet job could take as
little as 24 hrs.
Once your custom cabinets are properly prepared and plotted, it is off to Vanbert’s fully robotic
CNC automatic router. This highly specialized piece of equipment makes sure that all required
cuts, drills, and details are 100% precise without error.
This futuristic piece of equipment sports a fully automatic 16 bit tool changer with an incredible
array of cutting tools including a selection of nine separate specialized drills. These advanced
tools allow Vanbert Designs to perform extremely difficult cuts, precise groove or hole features
and complex connection details including final contour cutting. The state-of-the-art equipment
and high-quality materials used allow us to be extremely precise in cut and finish with very
accurate attention to detail.
After all of your new custom pieces are properly cut, then they are run through a specialized
Finish-Edge Machine. This 25-foot long machine is completely automated and offers a variety
of finishing operations such as milling, edge gluing, trimming, fine trimming, corner or edge
rounding, scraping, cleaning and buffering. The end result is all of your new parts come out
ready for assembly and installation.

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